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Are you confused about choosing and deciding on any specific field? We are here to clear up your confusion and help you in choosing the best according to your field and interest.

Academic Counseling

Course Details

For every student, it’s very important to understand the degree and course outline, and it is also very important to understand the new environment in which students going to study, GGIS will help you in this regard by providing each and every detail.

Classes for IELTS, Basic English Spoken Courses

Proficiency in spoken and written English in pre-request for applying to any university, we are here to help students to improve their English and score their desired band.

  • We provide guidance from British Council-trained teachers and language experts
  • Weekly assessment

Interview Preparation

An interview is the most important and critical part of the admission process, we have a team of experts to prepare students for interviews, and provide them with specific tips and tricks to showcase their skills, strengths, expertise, and motivations.  


GGIS is providing post-admission services from study visas to accommodation.


Ticketing services

GGIS arranges air tickets for our student’s at the most reasonable price, with the best-serving airline.

Post Arrival Guidance

 GGIS arrange transportation for students who pick up them from the airport and drop them at their desired location.

 Accommodation Assistance at Destination

GGIS assist the student in finding suitable accommodation for them, student have the following option regarding accommodation

  • Off-campus accommodations have advantages like home cook meals, rent, and location of your choice can continue after completing the degree.
    • Cost according to county and location.
  • On-campus accommodation has advantages like security, fun living with other students, convenience in attending daily classes, easy access to campus resources

Cost set by university authorities.

Study Abroad

With the help of an expert consultant and lawyers Go n Grow International is helping students in achieving their objective to become international students, we are providing our services from applying to a university to visa and ticketing.


Turkey become a hot destination for students because of its low living cost and easy visa process

 University and programs 

  • There are more them 208 universities,
  • More than 8 million student
  • Number one country in the European higher education area
  • turkey is in European Higher Education Area and implements the Bologna Process quite successfully.
  • Certification from a Turkish university is acceptable in all European counties

Scholarships and exchange students  

  • Burslari Full-funded scholarship offer Turkish government.
  • Burslari scholarship offer from bachelor to Ph.D. program
  • Turkey offers a student exchange program under Erasmus which also includes Mevlana, Farabi, which support the mobility of students.


Tuition fee


The average tuition fee in Turkish universities is around 4,000 dollars to 6000 dollars per year


English language certificate


In some Turkish universities, IELTS is not a pre-requisite for admission but students have to “English Proficiency Certificate” from their institutes which clearly states that their last degree is entirely taught in English.


Italy always attracts international students because of its quality education and affordable fee, Italy Bologna University is one of the oldest universities in the world, which is welcoming students since 1088.


Universities and program

  • 90+ universities in the country, divided in public and private universities
  • Generally there are 130 + higher education institutions which are offering programs at a different level
  • Welcome more than 40,000 internal students in the last 5 years.
  • World-class highly equipped universities


Two types of scholarships are offered in Italy government scholarships for foreign students and scholarships sponsored by a specific university

  • Scholarships are offered according to students’ academic recode and financial state
  • Very limited fully funded scholarships are also offered for international


English language certificate


In some Turkish universities, IELTS is not a pre-requisite for admission but students have to “English Proficiency Certificate” from their institutes which clearly states that their last degree is entirely taught in English.

Bologna university is one of the top universities and doesn’t require IELT for admission


Germany attracts international because of world-class education, healthy nightlife, and its beautiful architecture.


Universities and program

  • 400+ universities offering 1000+ programs from bachelor to Ph.D. level
  • 44 universities are in World-top universities
  • No or very low university fees in public universities



  • DAAD Scholarship Programs: this is a student exchange program, under this program postgraduate students get an 850 euro scholarship and 1200 will be for Ph.D. students
  • Deutschlandstipendium this program is for academically outstanding students, universities award 300 eours scholarship for 2 semesters, and after 2 semesters of university review the student is still meeting scholarship criteria of scholarship or not.
  • Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany offer financial assistance for one-year exchange periods for international students at universities in Germany, The grants will cover enrollment, travel, as well as basic living costs.


English language certificate

 English is not the first language of Germany that’s why the IELTS requirement is low for students can get admission of 5.5 to 6.5

U.S.A (United States of America)

International students prefer U.S.A for higher education because of its standard of education, unique program, high career growth, and multicultural environment. 


Universities and programs

  • world top 25 rank universities
  • some are in top 50 universities around the world
  • world top rank law, business, and medical schools
  • Offering programs from bachelor’s to Ph.D. level



U.S.A universities are offering 5 different types of scholarships including “you are welcome her, plater international scholars program, Saluki Gold scholarship, International Baccalaureate, Diana T.Y. Chung, and Henry WS Chung Memorial Scholarship Endowment”  

English language certificate

IELTS is mandatory for admission in the U.S.A minimum of 6.5 bands is required for admission.

U.K (united kingdom)

U.K. is the 2nd most highly attractive destination around the world, students prefer U.K  because of its high-class education system, world-recognized degree, and high career growth.


Universities and program

  • Top 10 universities around the globe including the University of Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London rank 6th and 8th
  • k welcome almost More than 500,000 students per year



There are 3 different scholarships offered by u.k govt.

  • GREAT Scholarships offered by govt. for 14 counties including, Pakistan, China, India Bangladesh. 10,000-pound scholarship per year
  • Chevening scholarship is fully under for a master’s degree, the best opportunity for leaders with strong academic backgrounds.
  • Commonwealth scholarships are available for the student which are from the countries which come into the commonwealth program through the British government


English language certificate

 Yes IELTS is mandatory for studying in U.K. minimum 6.5 bands of IELT is required.


Canada is ranked 3rd in attracting international students, Canada is a choice for international students because of its affordable fee in English-speaking counties, Canada is also great attention because of stay and work opportunities after graduation. Also, students have a high chance of getting Canada PR through Express entry.

Universities and program

  • World-renowned, high stander, and highly equipped campuses.
  • Canada is a world leader in I.T, software development, aerospace engineering, urban transport, biotechnology, mining technology, and environmental industries.
  • Canada has over 90 universities and 150 colleges offering bachelor to Ph.D. programs

English language certificate

Proficiency in the English language is mandatory for students, minimum 6 bands of IELT is required.


Australia is just behind u.K and U.S.A regarding international students, students choose Australia because of its affordable education, multicultural environment, work with study policy

University and program

  • more than 1100 universities offering a wide range of programs from secondary level to Ph.D. program
  • more than 2.5 million students per year are inter Australia


 More than 1000 Australian scholarships for international students are available at top Australian universities for the academic year 2023-2024. These scholarships provide an average monthly stipend of AUD $20,000 along with tuition fees, accommodation charges, health insurance, and travel allowance.

 English language certificate

 Proficiency in the English language is mandatory for students, minimum 6.5 bands of IELT is required with no less than 6 bands.

Need a Visa Application?

Need a Visa Application?

Free Online Assessment

Admission Processing

The admission process is different according to county and university. In countries like Italy Turkey and Germany, we apply directly to universities. We help students in:

  • collecting required documents
  • attestation of documents
  • submitting an admission application
  • accepting a letter of acceptance from the university

Visa File Preparation

We keep updated on visa-related news and issues, and that’s the reason we help our clients in preparing strong visa applications Visa applications include detailed student profiles, financial details, student ties with their home country, and the benefits the student will get with a degree abroad.


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