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GGIS believes in providing the best tangible solutions to your visions and making your event memorable. We deliver dedicated and personalized services that ensure your international conference stands out. 

International conferences bring people together and provide a perfect opportunity to connect with affiliated businesses and market leaders from all over the world. Through our extensive market research and our outstanding event services, we ensure the right vibe for your conference and attendees who will be happy to return to your conference in future years to come.

We provide a full spectrum of conference management services:


International Conference

GGIS is having several years of experience in arranging conferences on the behalf of our client’s according to their requirements and budget we are providing following service regarding international conferences

  1. Purpose and theme: Define the purpose and theme of the conference, and make sure it’s relevant to the target audience.
  2. Venue and logistics: Choose a venue that is easily accessible for attendees, and make sure that it has adequate facilities such as meeting rooms, audio-visual equipment, and catering services.
  3. Dates and timing: Select dates that do not clash with other similar events or holidays that could affect attendance. Also, consider the timing of the conference, including the length and schedule of sessions.
  4. Speakers and presenters: Invite reputable and knowledgeable speakers and presenters who can deliver high-quality content and engage the audience.
  5. Registration and fees: Develop an online registration system and establish reasonable registration fees. Consider offering discounts to early bird registrants and groups.
  6. Marketing and promotion: Develop a comprehensive marketing and promotion strategy to reach out to potential attendees and sponsors. Utilize social media, email marketing, and other digital channels to promote the conference.
  7. Accommodation and travel: Provide information on accommodation and travel options for attendees, including transportation to and from the conference venue.
  8. On-site logistics: Plan for on-site logistics, including registration, catering, audio-visual equipment, and staffing.
  9. Budget: Develop a realistic budget that takes into account all expenses associated with the conference, including venue rental, catering, marketing, and speaker fees.


GGIS is providing trainings at professional level with the help of certified trainers, we are providing following trainings

  1. Health & Safety Training: Health and Safety is a major concern to any organization and individual. Health and safety awareness training is mandatory for staff at all levels. The aim of this training is to provide employees with a basic understanding of how they can protect themselves and others from harm in the workplace. We have certified and licensed trainers in this domain.
  2. Management training: management training course will equip you with essential techniques for effective team management. The course explores best practice for communicating, motivating and leading a team. It’s ideal for current and aspiring managers across all sectors who want to learn how to obtain the best possible results from their teams in order to exceed all objectives.
  3. Communication skill training: This is a very essential program that will help you to understand and develop your relationships with others. Dealing with other people can sometimes be much more complicated. But, as with such problems there are effective techniques you can use to manage your working relationships more successfully. This program is designed specifically to teach you the interpersonal skills that lead to more effective, more satisfying, and more rewarding relationships with those around you.
  4. Customer service training: Anyone who has ever worked in customer service will know that every customer is different. Being able to adapt and flex your style to accommodate all of your customers is the key to achieving complete customer satisfaction. Our course offers every one with the opportunity to discover the theory behind excellent customer service and then put the learning into practice.
  5. Child health and fitness training: The aim of this training is to provide awareness to the parents through our professional medical and clinical nutrition staff. GGIS arranges hourly based program in educational institutes, our professionals provide the basic knowledge regarding children health and fitness.
  6. T training: As the domain of technology is getting broader day by day, IT demands their professionals to be trained for cutting edge tools & technologies. If you are an IT Professional, Academician, Student, or any one related to IT, you need not to worry about learning new tools & technologies because WCPT provides a broad spectrum of IT Trainings, some but not limited.

Bespoke training: GGIS offers a broad range of training courses. We are also keen to develop additional bespoke training that meet organization’s specific needs and will be happy to discuss how training might help you further your organization’s aims.

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